test page for using inline editor

The general question is: what has to be open for editorial from your customers? Should they be able to edit this page, if yes – what part of it? Can they edit existing customers, add more, remove, change style, etc?

As for the implementation options:

1) Custom post types – register a custom post type for staff members, they can add it just like posts (title, content, featured image, some data). Then you can create a loop that fetches all clients and places them in the styling that you need. Drawbacks: requires a bit more coding and management of the input data.

2) Page template – if the content is absolutely static, you can create a Page Template and style everything being read only. The content won’t be editable, but it can’t be broken from admin as well.

3. Shortcodes – design snippets such as [staff_member title=”Title” image=”someimageurl”]Content for the staff member[/staff_member]. This way you will have control over the styling and customers could add/edit many components. It has a bit of overhead on both sides, but is flexible in terms of editing and adding new members.

4) Widgets – if you place a widget area in a page/sidebar and create a widget, this could be accomplished in the same way.

There are probably other good options too, but the question is open to discussion (and the better implementations require some coding experience).